acupuncture of the backAcupuncture has been around for over 3000 years. It’s age obviously speaks volumes as to its validity as a healing therapy. There are many types or forms of acupuncture. So many in fact, that it would take several lifetimes to learn them all. The specific type of acupuncture practiced at Personal Balance is referred to as Five Element.

Five Element acupuncture bases its foundation in nature. Just as there are seasons of the year and cyclic rhythms in nature, five element acupuncture sees these same cyclic rhythms in people. The five seasons or cycles are as follows: Winter which corresponds to the element of water, Spring which corresponds to the element of wood, Summer, corresponding to the element of fire, Late Summer, which corresponds to the element of earth and Autumn or Fall which corresponds to the element of metal.

For each of the cyclic periods there are many correspondences in addition to the five elements I have just named. For example, spring is also related to wind, the color green, the sound of shout and the odor of rancid, just to name a few. It is by recognition of these correspondences found in people, that we can determine patterns of dis-ease or cyclic imbalances.

Through the lens of five element acupuncture we strive to bring the body back to its cyclic balance in order to avoid dis-ease or difficulties in health. This is a very unique and powerful concept in bringing about wellness.

One of the core notions of acupuncture is the idea of an energy or as we like to call it, qi, running through the body. Just as blood runs through the body via arteries and veins, the energy running through our bodies also has its own channels or meridians as we refer to them. This energy is what animates us, gives us the ability to move. However, this same energy can also become stuck, similar to when you have a blood clot, just to give you a comparative image. And acupuncture utilizes the insertion of needles in specific points to move this energy, just as blood thinners help to alleviate a blood clot and allow the blood to flow freely once again.

needlesize Additionally, needling certain points can also balance the energy within these channels. We can decipher imbalances within a person’s energy by way of the pulses. However, we do not just check one pulse, we look at three different pulse pictures on each arm. Each of these three positions correlate to two of the energy meridians. That equals a total of twelve meridians or channels we can monitor through these pulse pictures.

The tongue is also of great importance in acupuncture diagnosis. It offers a more long term picture of the overall health of certain organs or organ systems in the body. The pulse pictures together with the tongue picture and other symptoms, can reveal certain patterns of dis-ease.

Acupuncture is not just for physical ailments, but can also benefit states of anxiety, depression, stress and other mental disorders. It can also be helpful with side effects from other modalities of healing. Although acupuncture has been traditionally used for prevention or wellness care, it’s unique capability to reach body, mind and spirit have propelled this form of medicine into the modern world and it has been shown to benefit multiple and various issues.

So, it is with these tools and the ability for deep listening to our patients, that we can offer a non-invasive, beneficial therapy that works to bring balance to the inner workings of the human body.

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial acupuncture is a treatment that aims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and gives you a more youthful appearance. It is less invasive than plastic surgery and is chemical free, which makes it less toxic than Botox. Not only does facial rejuvenation work on the face, but it also encompasses a whole body treatment that is nurturing and relaxing.

Facial acupuncture has been performed since 1279 C.E. during the Sung Dynasty. It was first used on an empress in China.  It works with the body and face, bringing chi and blood to the area.  Facial rejuvenation can also improve digestion, immunity, and circulation.

When inserting needles in the face, a tiny wound is created.  The body’s natural reaction is to repair this wound and in doing so, it produces collagen which in turn fills in fine lines and wrinkles.  Facial rejuvenation also increases circulation in the face and reduces inflammation. After treatments you will notice a more youthful appearance and a lovely glow.


Reiki is a Japanese healing art whereby the practitioner transmits and/or manipulates energy to the recipient, often by the gentle laying-on of hands. Reiki works with and improves all of the energy systems of the recipient. At Personal Balance, my goal is to restore balance in your physical body, calm your emotional mind and allow you to enter a deeper form of consciousness and connect with your center.

Clients often ask what they can expect from a Reiki session. Well, each person experiences it differently. Many people have felt tingling or changes in temperature. Some have an emotional release. Some even fall asleep. Most of my clients report experiencing a feeling of total relaxation.

Reiki can help heal emotional, spiritual and traumatic issues. It can benefit athletes to aid them in their focus. It is a natural health therapy which can ultimately transform your life. Reiki has mostly been utilized as a relaxation therapy in the past. However, today’s practitioners have found Reiki to be beneficial for many different ailments including: fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain to name a few.

Reiki is a currently used therapy for cancer patients as an outlet for the many frustrations associated with this disease and the side effects of many conventional treatments. It is beneficial in enhancing the life energy in the body and therefore increasing the body’s natural healing ability.


cupping on the back Cupping is a method of treating illness and disease that is caused by local stagnation. cupping vaccum A partial vacuum is created in a cupping jar placed on the surface of intact skin, over an area that features enough skin or soft tissue to allow the cups to adhere. The vacuum is created by utilizing fire that consumes the air in the cup or by using a vacuum pump attached to the closed end of a cup. The cup is then applied directly to the skin. The underlying tissue is drawn up into the jar forming an area of blood stasis and usually results in circular bruises that vary in color from bright red to dark purple or black. The earliest extant written record of cupping in Chinese Medicine is from the Mawangdui Bo Shu (silk texts), discovered in a tomb from the Han dynasty said to be sealed in 168 B.C.E.

What it does:

  • Moves stagnant blood from an area
  • Moves other types of stagnation
  • Builds Qi in cases of Qi deficiency
  • Enhances Lymphatic system functioning
  • Dispels cold
  • Enhances tonicity and health oi the skin
  • Purifies the blood
  • Regulates the nervous system
  • Enhances tonicity and health of the skin

What it treats:

Cupping is used primarily to treat respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, asthma and congestion; arthritis; gastrointestinal disorders; and certain types of pain from stagnant blood and Qi. Cupping is generally indicated in the treatment of arthritic pain, abdominal pain, stomach ache, indigestion, headache, hypertension, common cold, cough, low back pain, painful menstruation, insect and poisonous snake bite.

Cupping is one of the best deep-tissue therapies available. Strong cupping is thought to affect tissues up to four inches deep from the external skin. Toxins can be released, blockages can be cleared, and veins and arteries can be refreshed within these four inches of affected materials. Even hands, wrists, legs and ankles can be ‘cupped’.

The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow and sedate the nervous system, which make it an excellent treatment for high blood pressure.

Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and even break up cellulite. This treatment is also valuable for the lungs and can clear congestion from a common cold or help to control a person’s asthma. In fact, respiratory conditions are one of the most common maladies that cupping is used to relieve. Three thousand years ago, in the earliest Chinese documentation of cupping it was recommended for the treatment of the now known condition of pulmonary tuberculosis.


Breast Thermography FAQThermography is a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing the early detection of diseases and cancers. Medical thermography utilizes infrared imaging to detect subtle changes in skin temperature, offering a non-invasive and radiation-free method for assessing physiological conditions within the body. At Personal Balance, we specialize in breast imaging, pain diagnostics, and early-stage disease detection.